Water: our source of life and wealth in Sóller

Water is our most precious resource. Without water it would be impossible to even begin imagine Sóller as it is today: it allows us to live here, it shapes the landscape, it’s a source of biodiversity, and is the very basis for our economy – agriculture needs water as do all those visitors who come to our valley. That’s why we are all duty bound to look after it, to protect it and to use it wisely.

Unfortunately, we are having an increasingly negative impact on this scarce resource. The increase in water consumption increases pressure on underground aquifers, especially during periods of drought, and the subsequent infiltration of seawater compromises our drinking water. Meanwhile, the current wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure is insufficient: many homes continue to use septic tanks, the sewage collection network continues to leak, many streets do not separate the collection of rainwater from sewage, and poorly treated water is dumped directly into Port Sóller, leading to hypertrophication in the bay to the detriment of the seabed and sealife. In short, we are poisoning the water and, by extension, ourselves.

We seek to raise awareness among the public on these issues and encourage them to be a part of the solution. More studies are needed so we can improve preventive measures and learn where to act. More municipal investment is needed if we are to avoid losing the water supply from our own aquifers, as happened ten years ago with the Mul spring, which provided water for Port Sóller and had to be closed due to excessive pollution. We all want to nurture our sea back to life, to see the waters of our bay crystal clear, without spills from broken pipes or boats, and clean of plastics. And the main beneficiary will be our health.

We seek to foster greater understanding among all Sollerics, whatever their political outlook, so that Sóller sets the gold standard when it comes to moderating water consumption and excellence in the management of our waters.