Waste management is an important part of the municipal budget. Unrecycled waste is burnt in the incinerator in Palma. Not only is this damaging for the environment, it is expensive. Obviously reducing incineration is preferable.

We can achieve this by producing less waste in the first place, reusing and recycling more and very significantly by separating organic waste, composting it and using it as a fertiliser. Households could compost their own organic waste or the Town Council could separately collect and take it to the compost plant in Son Reus in Palma. Environmentally this is much sounder and the costs for the town council would be limited to the transportation.

We really want to rid the Soller Valley of single-use plastics, in particular bags and bottles. Plastics end up in natural habitats like our river beds, the beach and the sea and even inside marine animals. Many other municipalities in Europe are declaring war on single-use plastics and we believe Soller should set a good example too. We should return to the practice of reusing containers.

We are asking for economic incentives for households who reduce and recycle their waste correctly and for businesses who, for example, use returnable bottles and take effective measures to reduce their waste.

There are many ways to reduce waste and protect our wonderful environment and our natural resources that are disappearing at an alarming rate. The key is

Reduce, reuse and recycle!