Photography Competition

The Plataforma Sóller Vall Verda has opened submissions for its photography competition, aimed at all members of the public.

Photos should be related to one of these themes:






These may be interpreted in either in a negative or positive way and must be taken within the Sóller municipal boundaries. Think in terms of things like: the use or misuse of water, water or waste management, air pollution, sustainable agriculture, the relationship between people and their environment, positive practices, alternative energies, consumption reduction, and so on.

There are several ways to send photographs and participants can choose whichever method they prefer.

Photos may also be uploaded to Twitter or Instagram citing @SollerVallVerda and with the hashtag #ConcursFotoSVV. You will also have to indicate the category with one of the hashtags: #earth #water #air #waste #energy.

You can also send images via Facebook, indicating the category:

Images may also be sent by email to by attaching the photograph and indicating in which category it competes.

Deadline is February 15 at 23.59 and there’ll be a prize for the winner in each category. Full rules are available here:

So get snapping and good luck!