Don’t leave our health up in the air!

It’s an enormous privilege to live here amid such spectacular surroundings. But what should not be a privilege, under any circumstances, is breathing clean and healthy air.

We seek to guarantee quality air for us, our families and our children. We see this as a basic right of all those who live in Sóller. What’s more, it’s a guarantee we should offer to all those who visit us.

Air pollution poses a major environmental health risk and, in particular, small particulate pollution has health impacts even at very low concentrations – indeed no threshold has been identified by the World Health Organization below which no damage to health is observed.

We want access to information and data on the levels of atmospheric pollutants found in the air at concentrations or levels that might adversely affect the health of people, animals or vegetation.

We seek the support and collaboration of the entire community to reduce pollution levels.

Because the lower the levels of air pollution, the better the cardiovascular and respiratory health of the population, both long and short term.

We wish to ensure that Sóller’s environment is one where everyone can breathe the air without worrying about their health. Where we can guarantee the health of our children and the elderly. In short, let’s clear the air.